Low Carb Daily choices

I will eat the entire cake, not just a piece. I don’t have very much control when it comes down to it. I have to give up sugar. Low carb food choices will help me.

I’m ready for change. My first day was yesterday after I got on the scale and my weight was the same as my birth year. (shocked) I took that as a sign. I have a million reasons to make this choice.

Yesterday’s dinner.

The impossible burger does have 9 grams of carbs. More than a beef burger yes, but too much beef adversely affects my feet. (A weird getting older thing). I cooked them for the entire family and even my 22 yr old son said they are BETTER than burger! I purchased them at Costco and I am addicted. I topped it with American cheese and mayo!

I lightly sauteed the french style green beans in a pat of butter. Delicious and filling!

Not a bad low carb dinner for my first day with absolutely NO plan in place!

I did loose 2 lbs overnight. I’m sure that was water weight, but it does give me motivation! Can I loose two more pounds and then two more??

I’ll keep sharing. Hopefully it will motivate!


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