Which blonde to choose?

I color and cut my own hair at home 99% of the time, for a few reasons. The fact that I make my decisions…. out of the blue and ….. immediate. I usually do not allow myself time to make an actual hair appointment, and then to wait hours, or days or weeks even. LOL I like immediate gratification! I do not suggest this behavior for anyone else! This has created a great MANY mishaps for me! The worst of which being too short bangs, and unintended blue / purple / orange hair. I still keep trying though.

I felt the urgent need to color my hair this morning.

My Choices are  #1 Garnier PL1  Coconut   

#1 I love this product. The PL1 Lifts my naturally very light brown hair to a nice light blonde but with a bit of yellow. I always need to apply another product… a toner to help get rid of the yellow. I usually choose Wella T18 Lightest ash blonde … but then I have a few days of purple. I LOVE the bright light finished look after the initial few days, but sometimes I don’t feel like completing the extra steps. Plus it’s a little harsh on my hair and it is hard to keep the bleach just on the root. Even though I chose not to use this product today, I will definitely use it again in future hair applications! Garnier is a great product!

#2 Clairol Nice’n easy 9g Light Golden Blonde.

#2 Is the winner today because, Nice’n Easy does it all in one step. My roots aren’t very long as it’s only been about 6 weeks since I bleached and toned prior to today. Today’s application will be 25 minutes total. I chose this for a warm golden look. Crossing my fingers for a nice golden blonde and not too much brass!

The results! Not too bad!! It looks pretty and it FEELS great!! My roots are a little darker than the rest of my hair, but I kind of expected that because they are different products. Absolutely NOTHING like a hair color refresh to make you feel new and fabulous!

Golden Blonde – Todays results
Coconut Blonde – prior results

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