When Corgi’s bury bones

I almost always put the gate up to keep the dogs out of the livingroom when I leave.  It was just a short walk, I didn’t put the gate up.

It took me awhile to find an area rug that I loved.

Molly had been carrying around a bone we bought.

They must be really good bones. She did not want to eat it, she just kept trying to hide it in various places. Under the couch, under the throw pillows, in the dirty laundry! I really thought it was adorably cute!
I came home from our short walk to this!
She has nothing to say!
She’s very cute.
Seriously! She didn’t realize you can’t try to bury bones in the carpet!!!

Luckily, instead is throwing the carpet out, I thought about rotating the rug, and hiding the hole under the couch! Yes, Corgis like to dig!!



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