Favorite L.C. go-to vegetable AND today’s low carb lunch!

These are my favorite partly for health reasons. I don’t want my saturated fat to be super high. I have noticed it’s been a little high in my food logging. These have zero total fat, zero cholesterol. Only 15 mg of sodium, I also track my sodium. 30 calories in one whole cup. I know a lot of low carbers do not count their calories but my weight has been a problem for me for a long time so I’m just trying to keep a well-rounded eye on everything and not go over the top with either my fat or my sodium. I don’t want to cure one problem to cause another. So, I’m doing my best. I’ll get my blood checked by my doctor as I always do every 3 months and we’ll see how this is working for me. I am not offering low-carb food advice. Just sharing my struggles and successes with you!
My lunch, it’s delicious! Fried the beans and hot dogs in a tbsp olive oil.

Always check with your own doctor before starting any meal plan or Diet!

Check back for my next entry!

I have lost weight every morning, Except today. Today is day 5. I lost 5.6 lb in the first 4 days, this morning when I checked my weight upon waking I had gained 0.06 lb back. I don’t know why, except for maybe that I had a little bit of watermelon, a cup last night before bed. I’m not sure if that did it or not or if it’s just my body settling into all the low carbing and this new way of eating. It’s just making me dig in harder though I’m not giving up!


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