I had this instead of s’mores Low-carb

This beautiful photo, of an evening around the fire with my husband…. Makes me long for s’mores!

I am super committed to my low-carb efforts so there’s no way I’m going to ruin it with a s’mores today. But, I craved something chocolate.  I needed to find something so that I wouldn’t feel deprived something healthy something low carb and I put these four items together and it was Delish!!!

Low carb Hot Cocoa!

One cup Kirkland organic unsweetened almond vanilla. 

Two tablespoons bakers 100% pure cocoa powder natural unsweetened.

One small dash of vanilla I use my imitation vanilla flavor.

Sweetener of your choice I like to make things up and use the blue the pink and the yellow I use one each.  

I am in LOVE!  

2ish carbs because I’m not sure of the carb count in the sweetener.


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