Fried green tomatoes – Low carb

Growing up in Michigan, I could hardly wait for summer every year for two things.  Fried green tomatoes and rhubarb.

My mom made me fried Green tomatoes out of only three things,  vegetable oil, very thinly sliced green tomatoes… (lots of them) and regular flour.  I know everyone has their own way of making them but that is truly my favorite!

Today I’m making them low carb. I dipped them in eggs and then sprinkled almond flour over the top and I still cook them in vegetable oil.

I’m not really great at slicing them super thin so they were a lot of extra pieces left over. I mixed the extra pieces with the leftover eggs and the leftover almond flour and fried it in the skillet like scrambled eggs.  It does not look delicious at all.   

I bet it tastes amazing though!! Let’s find out!!

For comparison purposes. I am not lying when I say nothing beats my mom’s fried Green tomatoes. But since I’m eating low carb and since I have to make my own sadly these are okay…. They will do. Comparatively I would not suggest making scrambled eggs out of the leftovers because,I don’t really find it very tasty LOL.

So, rhubarb. I am going to visit my daughter in the next few weeks and planning on taking a rhubarb pie with me. That day I will splurge on the carbs because rhubarb pie requires lots of sugar and I haven’t had it for a couple years. She loves it also. It’s something I only have once every few years actually, so I am not going to skip the chance for a taste of Summer!


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