I was starving this morning!

Was it my metabolism waking up? It seems like it’s been asleep for a long time. I feel like it was a clue, so I stepped on the scale. It was an awesome morning, I am now at a 7.8 lb loss!

As usual I had coffee for breakfast today, with cream and artificial sweetener.

So here’s a photo of my quick lunch. I really love vegetables and I like to add them to every meal because we all want to be healthy not just thin right?! I missed them at lunch today though, so I will definitely make up for them at dinner.

My husband boiled a dozen eggs yesterday and we peeled them for easy access to keep in the refrigerator. That was a super great idea because it was so easy to eat a quick lunch today!

I have a tiny kitchen scale to weigh my food, so some days I can be really precise. Not every day… But when it’s convenient.

For dinner we are considering pork chops on the grill top over this fire pit!! This will be our first time using it. We’ll see how that goes!

Until next time!


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