Weight loss update And Dinner

18 days today and my loss is 9.6 lbs, almost 10!!! I am so happy with myself for sticking with it. Some days the scale hasn’t moved much BUT, here I am almost 10 pounds down.

I have 37 more pounds that I would still like to loose. My clothes feel less tight, and most of my sweet cravings are gone. I do drink diet caffeine free Coke at night as a “snack”. When I get hungry I am craving salads and veggies and meat and cheese. I am a sugar addict so this change in cravings is huge for me!

Today we had Mexican food for dinner. So sad that I didn’t have any avocados but it was delicious and filling none the less. Below are my dinner chooses for today. I didn’t use any wraps or chips… Though I know they do have low carb versions and I like it either way!

Until next time!


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