Lower carb Strawberry Cheesecake dessert

Definitely lower carb than true cheese cake, BUT still having some carbs though, this would be for a special occasion. It is honestly very very special!

8 oz cream cheese softened. 8oz whipping cream (I used cool whip But there are definitely lower carb options that you could use instead of cool whip). 7 artificial sweetener packets. ( I always mix the blue, yellow and pink packets). Mix these ingredients all together until smooth and creamy. Refrigerate while you prepare strawberries. I cut up strawberries, either fresh or frozen. Mix artificial sweetener with a few tablespoons of water and mix into the strawberries. Only a few packets of sweetener are needed for the strawberries as they are usually naturally sweet.

Serve in small dishes as it would be easy to consume to many carbs with this delicious treat!

Scoop the strawberry mixture over the cheesecake mixture!


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