1st goal met! -10lbs ❤️ Low Carb

Almost 2 months to loose 10lbs! I’ve heard other’s achieve faster results .. but this is my journey and I am so happy to have come this far. After 2 years of gaining slowly to get to this point. 2 consistent days at this weight before I posted because the scale is not always consistent!

Today’s breakfast / lunch. Mine and my husbands.

I am low sodium restricted so no salt, lemon juice helps the longing for salt in eggs and adds just a bit of tang. Along with mayo ❤️ and salt free seasoning ( which I purchase from Dollar store).

Husband’s meal is eggs, cheddar and avocado! I was a bit jealous of his plate 😂 but mine was delicious!

I don’t know if it’s true or just coincidence but it seems like hard boiled eggs seem to “egg on” my weight loss! Lol

So 10 lbs down today I AM celebrating! Not with food!!

Until next time!!


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