My daily carb limit…

My daily carb allowance is 75.  I didn’t choose that amount, the app that I use assigned it to me.  I rarely ever get to that amount.  Even with today’s higher carb lunch/dinner combo… I’ll not even get close.

I hate to omit legumes completely… They are so healthy so I do add them sometimes.

I could have omitted the low carb wrap and the beans… That would have lowered it substantially, but I wanted it to taste like an enchirito (I love taco bell).  A taco salad would be less carbs.

But this was MOST excellent!!!!

This is my husband’s bowl.  No carb count for his!!!  He has rice… But if he ommited the rice it would be low carb!

To keep my count low, later my choices will be a few hard boiled eggs and some vegetables.  I also like to eat a cheese stick when I get a little hungry. 

Until next time!


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