Low carb Root Beer Float!

This is a Life saver for me when I am craving something. Or when everyone else is having a treat! We went to the drive in the other evening, and we had plans to stop and get the family malts to take with them from the ice cream shop. I my ingredients with me in a little personal cooler and made my float at the drive in. I know that I enjoyed it as much as they did their malts!! Maybe more!!

So delicious! Zero carbs in the root beer and only 1 carb in 2 tbsp half and half!! Pour it over a glass of ice and enjoy! I have this often. Absolutely guiltless! I know that pop isn’t really good for you. For my health though, I believe it beats the high sugar alternatives and satisfies my cravings for something special!

Until next time!


3 responses to “Low carb Root Beer Float!”

  1. I will be trying this asap. Thanks for the tip.💕


    1. You’re welcome! Hope you love it!!

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      1. Just tried it and I do. Thanks again💕

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