Low Carb weight loss update – 2 months

At 9 days into low carb eating I was down 7 lbs. Keeping that first loss off is really the 1st milestone because… a lot of that loss, could be water in the beginning. Though it is a huge motivator to loose that much so quickly, it would be easy to gain back if I would have ended my journey there.

Today I am 9 WEEKS into my journey. I have had a carb filled treat here and there…. I always made it a conscious decision though, and brushed it off – moved forward and kept on my own carb plan. These things will happen! I have allowed myself to Enjoy the brief moment and move on.

One thing I can attest to is, feeling really crappy the next day after a big cheat! And the pain of having to battle cravings again for a few days. IF I cheat I know this is coming …. So I embrace the recovery days and get back ON plan!

Anyway, 9 weeks in brings me to 12 lbs lost! I have been at 12 lbs for quite a few days so I know another loss is coming. I have started to feel it in my body before the scale moves. Like today everything feels loose and roomy, my pants and my hoodie! It’s a great feeling.

It’s not fast. But there are many factors to consider. I take medication that I think would be all wacked out if I were to loose weight quickly. I think slow loss gives my body and it’s medication time to adjust. This is something that I spoke to my doctor about because… I’m looking for total body health not just weight loss.

You should always seek your health care provider before starting any weight loss program.

I started wanting to loose 46 lbs.

Now, I want to loose 34 more!

For me ~ That’s awesome!!!

Are you trying to loose weight or on a healthy journey? Tell me how it’s going for you!! What are your favorite tips or your major struggles? What’s your progress??

Until next time 😘


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